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    Want to find out more?
    Read our FAQs.

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    Want to find out more?
    Read our FAQs.


> How do I order Gift Cards?

You can place your order online here or email us your request to If you would like to talk to a member of our team please call 0870 0101 351.

> What's the expiry date on Gift Cards and Vouchers?

There is a rolling 24 month expiry date on all gift cards. Gift Vouchers also have a expiry date which is clearly printed on the reverse of the Voucher.

> Can you top up Gift Cards instore?

No top up can be made instore on B2B Gift Cards.

> How can I check my account with you - I need to see what invoices I have paid?

Please call 0870 0101 351. Our customer service team will be happy to check your account for you.

> Can I pay for my Gift Card Order with a credit or debit card?

No credit or debit card payments are accepted on Orders.

> Is change given on business-to-business Gift Cards or Vouchers?

We cannot give change at the checkout and Gift Cards or Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.

> How do Card holders know how much money is left on the Card?

Once you have purchased something with your Card you will be given a till receipt and a Gift Card statement which will show your opening and closing balance. You can also hand over your Card to a cashier at the till or at the customer service desk and they will swipe it for you to find out the balance. Alternatively you can scan the QR code on the back of the Gift Card to receive an instant balance. There is also a telephone helpline to call - 0800 636262.

> Can I use Gift Cards or Vouchers to buy groceries online at

At present you are unable to use your Card online. However, we are working at trying to make this available for our customers.

> Do I get Nectar points when I redeem my Gift Cards or Vouchers?

Yes, all Vouchers and Cards redeemed earn Nectar points instore.

> Can I use my Gift Cards or Vouchers for purchases in petrol stations?

From 16th October 2012 you will no longer be able to use your Card and Vouchers in petrol stations.

> Can I transfer my Gift Voucher balance onto a Gift Card instore?

No, you are unable to transfer from a Voucher to a store Gift Card.

> Can the Gift Cards or Vouchers be used in concessions?

Our concessions cannot accept our Gift Cards or Vouchers, but all Sainsbury's coffee shops do accept them.

> What can you buy with the Gift Cards and Vouchers?

Sainsbury's Gift Cards can be used to purchase most products in stores. As part of our terms and conditions, the following products and categories cannot be purchased with a Sainsbury's Gift Card:

Branded Gift Cards, Scratch Cards, LPG AUTOGAS, Pay Point product and services, Prescription products, Infant Formula, Tobacco and related products, BT phone cards, E TOP-UP Savings stamps, Postage stamp, National lottery products, Car park tickets, Online delivery charges, Concession coffee shops, restaurants or vending machine purchases, Petrol or products within petrol stations (Apart from when using the Petrol Card).

> Can I use my Gift Cards or Gift Vouchers in Sainsbury's Local in partnership with Euro Garages?

We cannot accept Gift Cards or Gift Vouchers at Sainsbury’s Local in partnership with Euro Garages.

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